“Panache’s life is completely streamlined. She has found a place for herself. At least, that is what she believes. But suddenly she’s two . . . then three. . . then many. . . “

Provoked by the neoliberal imperative for beauty, youth and agility, DETACHED investigates all the things we do the self: self-evaluation, self-organisation, self-determination, delf-fulfillment, self-enhancement. But it also moves beyond that: to the shadow. In this optimised and self-disclosing present, what is dark, secret, and invisible poses a continuous threat to efficency. But where is this society that is losing its shadows taking us to?

Anderplatz brings together 10 collaborators from Spain, Argentina, Austria, Germany, Italy and USA for their first theater-dance show DETACHED.

DETACHED hat its premiere at Dock 11 in Berlin on the 17th Novembre 2016 and a new version premiere on 30 November 2017.

Devised and performed by:
Irene Fas Fita, Javier Ferrer Machín, Clara Gracia, Marina Rodriguez Llorente, Patrick Rupar, Laura de Arcos, Filippo Serra, Piet Starrett and Valentina Bordenave

Concept, Direction: Valentina Bordenave
Co-Direction: Natasha Nixon
Choreography: Valentina Bordenave / ANDERPLATZ
Dramaturgy: Charlotte Wetzel
Music: Piet Starrett
Set: Eva G. Alonso
Costume: Lydia Sonderegger
Lighting: Eva G Alonso, Sylvan Faye
Assistance: Marlena Kreßin, Amelie Seib
Photography: Daniel Nartschick