“I didn’t mean to make you fall. So when they ask, you must say that because that’s the truth.”

ALTBAU is conceived as a site specific for a real Apartment play with small groups of audience. 6 actors from Germany, Spain and Italy, will transport the audience into the intimate life of three couples living in Berlin, coping with their cultural differences and life’s expectations. The gap between reality and fiction is thin as the audience will be discretely guided through the three different rooms of the apartment in the city, the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom, which remained consciously untouched by the artists. An evening full of emotions and new encounters is to be foreseen, as the stories and the uniqueness of the venue will intrigue and surprise.

Directed by: Marina Rodriguez Llorente and Christopher Taylor

With: Sophie Bogdan (Germany), Martin Bäcker (Germany), Marina Rodríguez Llorente (Spain), Carlo Loiudice (Italy), Amor Schumacher (Germany), Nils Willers (Germany)

Written by: Marietta Kirkbride, Piet Starrett, Christopher Taylor

Produced by: Serena Schimd

Photos: Roger Rossell