MARINA RODRÍGUEZ is an international actress and director with current work in both Germany and Spain.

She graduated in drama at Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. In 2009 Marina moved to Berlin to work with Familie Flöz, and has played in the piece Hotel Paradiso since 2013. She is currently touring with them all around the world (Südtirol Kulturinstitut Audience Prize 2020).

The concept of her last piece as an actress and director, Porn is on, won the prize Caravana de tràilers from the Festival TNT 2017, Spain. The stage performance was premiered at the 2018 edition of the same festival with further shows in Germany and Spain. 2019 the piece made his way to the top 10 best sell pieces at the international theater festival Temporada Alta.

In 2017 she collaborated with the dancer and choreographer Valentina Bordenave, joining the Anderplatz Kollektive and creating the piece Detached.

2014 she won the first prize of Festival de música clássica de Cervera for her short video Frederic Mompou–Marina, inspired by the eponymous catalan piano composer.

Back in 2012 she began to work with the company Theater Am Tisch. She presented her first work as a director with the piece ALTBAU (2013), a site specific theater piece which played in many different private apartments in Berlin. With Theater Am Tisch she also premiered the piece Getaway at the BE Festival in Birmingham 2015, and the gaming piece Megalopol!s, funded by Bezirkamt Friederichshain-Kreuzberg, at the Fellini Gallery Berlin 2016.






When we speak about beauty, we don’t speak about perfection, but of proportion. So, a face with a symmetrical feature perimeter. Beauty will never have a round face. It will always be slim, without being slender…

PORN IS ON it’s a research about the female sexuality, how is reflected in our society  and which stigmas still have, through the observation and analysis of the mainstream pornography. PORN IS ON will situate this kind of Pornography in the public space to question dynamics of our society that are not often openly spoken.


PORN IS ON is the winner of the contest Caravana de tráilers 2017 of Terrassa Noves Tendències Festival. The piece was premiered at the 2018 edition of the same festival as a Spanish Premier, with a great success of audience and critics. Also, had a remarkable presence in Temporada Alta festival, being one of the 12 more acclaimed shows from the whole program (500 shows).

Further shows in Germany and Spain in 2020|21.

Directed by: Marina Rodríguez Llorente.

Direction Assistance: Susana Bordería.

With: Ricardo Mena, Guillem Barbosa and Marina Rodríguez Llorente.

Production: Carla Hernando.

Stagedesign: Blanca Añón.

Light: Roger Rossell.

Sound: Pol Ortega.

The production of this piece has been suported by:

Photo: Roger Rossell


El Periódico

“A Critical Sight over Mainstream Pornography”

El Diari ARA

“In the dome of the Teatre Principal a bombing of porn videos and a bit of toilet paper welcome the viewer. But there’s no kindness nor warmth in mainstream pornography, neither in Marina Rodríguez’s Porn is On. This piece bravely faces the repression of women and the impact that this industry has on society, and it makes it clear that the image of a woman falling to the ground says much more than outmoded sermons. “


“With Porn is On Marina Rodríguez and her team of collaborators also enter the dark side, taking as a starting point the free online porn that millions of people consume at all hours, a phenomenon of which we may not speak enough. Why? Because of embarrassment; because certain sexual fantasies still are too close to the Tabu. But are they our sexual fantasies or are they what someone has decided to turn into our sexual fantasies? As always, there is the industry to redirect our inner desires to where they want to take us, and incidentally, to influence our reality to the point of no return in which we no longer know if we do something because it is what we want –  even in intimate territories as the ones in our rooms.”

Escena de la Memòria

“In this context, a performance such as Porn is On seems relevant enough. It makes us question some inoffensive habits but in a different way. Who among us, as they explain in the piece, doesn’t get home one day, tired, watch some porn, and get relaxed with some nice self-indulgent exercise? This piece talks about consuming, of course – but also about identification; roles; objectification of women; expectations; and moral standards. Done with the good taste of not judging: they expose; show (a great many things!); and they stop here. The rest, like pornography, is a mental construction left in the hands of the audience (!)

Porn is On’s format is the other great success of the piece: live video; recorded fragments; a set design near a filming studio; and above all the three performers. They embody us on stage.

It could be us on stage feeling objectified as in the episode of the ‘ideal sizes’ that a porno actress must be. To be used for their body; to become the producer with no other perspective than the economic benefit; to be the filmmaker who looks for the best position for the camera; or the technician focused on downloads and online views. We are each and every one of these characters. Perfectly orchestrated gear pieces. But do not be confused. It’s not sexuality. It takes the name of capitalism. “


“At four in the afternoon we had a porn session programmed, something that at first glance may seem strange. I just ask you to think how many people in the world are watching porn on their computer right now (…you are welcome). Porn is On, the winning spectacle of last year’s competition Caravana de Tràilers, is a very honest and brave presentation by Marina Rodríguez, accompanied on stage by Ricardo Mena and Guillem Barbosa. From the tutorial on how to make a good blow job, to the rich offer of free mainstream porn we can find on the world wide web, the setting has the virtue of avoiding condescension and being too-serious at all times. It treats us like adults, it does not descend at any time into the game of ‘good and bad’, and makes us see the importance of porn in our society without resorting to sermonising.”


“The road to heaven leads through hell..”

Strange things happen at HOTEL PARADISO, a time-honoured mountain resort kept alive with some difficulty by an old lady and her family. While a mineral spring promises relief from physical and mental pain and the hotel proudly boasts four stars, dark clouds are nevertheless gathering in the bright sky. The son dreams of his great love while fighting his sister in his effort to gain control of the hotel. Meanwhile, the maid is in the habit of stealing the hotel guests’ valuables, and the cook chops up much more than just pork…

A first corpse turns up causing all the hotel’s staff and guests to get mixed up in a turmoil of fatal events. Dark abysses open up between the dizzy heights, threatening to devour all of the protagonists. The hotel’s decline seems to be inevitable, since corpses are always bad for business…

This is a dramatic nightmare steeped in black humour with a hint of melancholy, the most vicious and mysterious play hitherto staged by Familie Flöz




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