Marina Rodríguez studied theater at Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. In 2009 she moved to Berlin to work with Familie Flöz (Mask theater), and from 2013 on plays in the piece Hotel Paradiso with shows all arround the world, still today.

In 2011 she created Kazibaze Theater Company, with which she organises the bilingual theater Festival for Kids Kindertheater Reihe and have created the pieces 2 Grandmas and 1 Book and The Knotted Kingdoms.

In 2012 she began to work with the company Theater Am Tisch. It will be with this company that she will present her first work as an actress and director in 2013 with the piece ALTBAU, a Site Specific theater piece, which played in many different apartments of the German capital. With them she also remarks the piece Refugeespremiered in BE Festival, Birmingham 2015, and  the gaming piece called Megalopol!s, premiered in 2016 in the Fellini Gallery Berlin.

2014 she wins the first price of Festival de música clássica de Cervera Festival, for her short video Frederic Mompou – Marina,  inspired in the essence of the Catalan Piano composer.

In 2017 she collaborates with the dancer and choreographer Valentina Bordenave, starting to be part of the Anderplatz Kollektive and creating the piece Detached.

Also this year she starts working on her second piece as a director called PORN IS ON. A concept about how and where is the feminine sexuality reflected in Mainstream Pornography. With this concept wins the theater contest Caravana de tràilers from the Festival Terrassa Noves Tendències 2017. This assures her a premier in Spain in 2018. The work will also be presented in the Uferstudios Berlin in November 2018.



2017 PORN IS ON. Concept and direction. New Dramaturgies. Winner award for the Concept in Caravana de Trailers ’17, TNT Festival, BCN. The Piece will be produced in 2018.

DETACHED by Valentina Bordenave and collective Anderplatz. Wiederaufnahme. Actress and Dancer. Dance-Theater, Dock 11, Berlin.

HOTEL PARADISO. Mask theater, Actress. Familie Flöz, Europa tour.

Teacher of mask Tecnick and Physical training. MFA Missisipi – Arezzo – Berlin.

2016 DETACHED by Valentina Bordenave and collective Anderplatz. Actress and Dancer. Dance-Theater, Dock 11, Berlin.

MEGALOPOLIS. Site-Specific Theater, Co-author and actress. TheaterAmTisch, Fellini Gallery, Berlin.

DAS VERDREHTE KÖNIGREICH. Co-author and actress. Children’s theater, Schatzinsel, Berlin.


HOTEL PARADISO. Mask theater, Actress. Familie Flöz, world tour.

ALTBAU. Site-SpecificTheater, actress and director. TheaterAmTisch, Berlín.

2014 HOTEL PARADISO. Mask theater, Actress. Familie Flöz, world tour.

ALTBAU. Site-SpecificTheater, actress and director. TheaterAmTisch, Berlin. ZWEICH. Performance, Co-author and actress. Kazibaze Thearter, Berlin.

2013 HOTEL PARADISO. Mask theater, Actress. Familie Flöz, world tour.

ALTBAU. Site-SpecificTheater, actress and director. TheaterAmTisch, Berlin. HAUSTHEATER. Site-Specific, actress. TheaterAmTisch, Berlín.

2012 TRANSNATIONAL WALK by Nina Dich. Actwalk, actress. Berlín.

SAVE YOU HATE ME by Piet Starret. Performance, actress. RAW Tempel, Berlin.

SPIELWIESE, 2 IM QUADRAT. Dir. Pozray Türkey, Theater. Actress. Theater Untern Turm, Berlín.


ZWEI OMAS UND EIN BUCH. Co-author and actress. Children’s theater, Hoftheater, Berlin.

SUBURBIS. Visual Theater, Co-author and actress.

360° Ensemble, Berlin.

2010 GARAGE D’OR Mask Theater, Familie Flöz, Berlin. Assistance.


2015 TANCADA. Short film by Xavi Buxeda. Dir. Xavi Buxeda, Bcn.

TANZ, TANZ. Short film by Marietta Kirkbride, Dir. Eneko Sanz / Christopher Taylor, Berlin.

2013 CONVERSACIONES. Short film by Esther Rizo, Dir. Eneko Sanz. Berlin

2009 SOY DE VENUS. Music video by Geraldine. Dir. Gerard Escobar. Perversion Records, Bcn.

First prize winner in Film festival “Baummann .09”, Bcn.


2003 – 2005 Sozial work Bachelor. Universidad de Barcelona

2004 – 2005 Acting. Escuela de teatro EÓLIA de Barcelona.

2005 – 2010 Visual Theater Bachelor. Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (Universität).

Acting and New Dramaturgies.

2013 Auditioning for Camara, Ellen Parks. T.Schreiber Studio. New York.
Camara acting, Peter und Dianne Miner. T.Schreiber Studio. New York. Vocal Training, Minna Taylor. New York.

Theater and Video Performance, workshop with GOB SQUAD, Cambridge.

2010 – 2017 Contemporary Dance Training/Workshops German Jauregui, Stella Zannou, Ricardo de Paula, Michael Löhr, Marion Sperber, Valentina Bordenave.


Catalan, Spanish: Mothertounge.
German: C2 Niveau (Phonetick training).

English: C2 Niveau (Phonetick training).

Italian and French: Basic knowledge.


You can visit here a selection of my work in the past years

PORN IS ON  Concept, direction and actress.

MEGALOPOL!S Actress. A project by Theater Am Tisch.

ALTBAU Concept, direction and actress. A project by Theater Am Tisch.

FREDERIC MOMPOU Concept, direction and actress.

HOTEL PARADISO Actress. A piece by Familie Flöz.



PORN IS ON it’s a research about the female sexuality, how is reflected in our society  and which stigmas still have, through the observation and analysis of the mainstream pornography. PORN IS ON will situate this kind of Pornography in the public space to question dynamics of our society that are not often openly spoken.

PORN IS ON is the winner of the contest Caravana de tráilers 2017 of Terrassa Noves Tendències Festival. The piece will be shown at the 2018 edition of the same Festival as a Spanish Premier. The German Premier will take place in Berlin, in November 2018.

Directed by: Marina Rodríguez Llorente.

Direction Assistance: Susana Bordería.

With: Ricardo Mena, Guillem Barbosa and Marina Rodríguez Llorente.

Stage and Lightdesign: Eva G.Alonso.




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